Morphing of motif to achieve G1 Continuity across cells

Hello Rajaa, All,

I am trying to morph a trimmed 4 edge trimmed surface (Motif) on a double curved Base Surface and achieve g1 across tiled motifs. This with mixed results.
The motif is G1 tilable on the plane (see image below).

Correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that a regular ‘box morph’ will ‘only’ achieve G0 continuity even if motif is G1 tilable on the plane (with some exceptions - flat base surface for ex.).

Consequently I am turning to paneling tool’s ‘ptMorph3D’ with the smooth option turned ‘on’ to achieve this G1.
Using this option I see some discontinuities.

  1. What are the conditions which will enable me to maintain G1 on the tiled pattern ?
  2. Furthermore, is there a way to keep the structure of the motif surface (Degree and #of CPs in U and V) when tiled and achieve the desired continuity ?

Enclosed is the definition with the motif and base surface internalized.

Thanks !

PS. Curiously, when I place the motif (trimmed surface in a surface input parameter), it results in a untrimmed tiled pattern. When I place that same motif in a generic ‘Geo’ parameter, the tiled pattern consists of trimmed surfaces… Is this expected Paneling Smooth (434.9 KB)

Hi Jean,

its not directly related to Panelling Tools, but you might change the mapping strategy a bit.
Never morph Trims directly. The best is to create surfaces already matched. Have a look at this approach, which is one way.

Paneling Smooth Morphing (224.9 KB)

Very nice workflow TomTom, thanks !
I guess with this definition one can also leverage Paneling tool’s Grid tools for a little more control over the division of the Base Surface UV parametric space (cell creation).