"morphing" an open 2d-mesh from its boundary to another polyline

hi all,
i have a flat, open, triangle based mesh, extracted its boundary with weaverbird, baked the boundary to rhino and modified a copy of it (straightening, …)
now i need to “morph” the mesh from its original boundary to the modified one.
any ideas, how to accomplish this? plugins?
05.gh (67.3 KB)

Hi @brt1,

If I understand you correctly, you could try Twisted Box morphing with Pufferfish. What this does is morph a geometry, contained in a regular bounding box to one or more twisted boxes.

You can also use K2.
05_re.gh (76.0 KB)


Mean Value Coordinates!
I wrote some code for this a while back - it’s a generalisation of barycentric mapping to general polylines.
MVC2d_morph.gh (75.1 KB)


thanks a lot daniel, works like a charm!

also thanks to you, works perfectly. it is slightly different from daniel´s code output. have to make some tests to see which one gives better results in the end.
anyway it´s good to see the workflow transparently.

thanks for the hint. but it´s not really, what i am looking for. i need a precise transformation, putting every naked mesh-vertex exactly onto the corresponding polyline-CV.

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It has nothing to do with precision from on way to another, Twisted Boxes are just not meant for this. You need barycentric morphing (like Daniel did). If you are interested in looking at alternatives, Mesh+ plug-in has a nice barycentric morpher from polyline to polyline.

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