More wishes for 3d PDF

Hi there, Sorry for this long post:

I am an eperienced Rhino user and love
this program becaus it has one of the best
interface of all programs i know.

of course after working a lot with this
program i have some Ideas what i whould like
to have as an extra feature.

one thing is a 3d pdf with environmet maps
like auxpecker or a textur baking in rhino
to export as 3d pdf.

when i research i alway find the same websites
but nothing new.

so i like to ask you if you have any other idea or a tutorial to make 3dPDF more nice

thanks a lot in advance.

in the following you will find a list of
websides i have seen

i bought simlab pdf exporter and posted the following:

they recommendet me to buy simlab composer.
this makes everything more complicated
this is really cool, but does not work with rhino 5
also you need bakeair wich is not really easy to use

this gui explays a free way to make 3d pdf with meshlab and miktex

it is in german unfortunately but as i read between the lines,
it is not possible to keep the map

maybe it is not a need to be a 3dPDF it is just the standart.

i just like to have a cool 3d file for my customers with mappings
like i can see in rhino:

that looks pretty cool, but why just on ios
and why with a programm my cusomer has to buy and download

other links in the forum about this topic:


I assume this is a wish for Simlab? Well, environment maps are possible. I don’t have a tutorial and I don’t even remember right now how I made the attached file. It is from the days when I was beta-testing Acrobat 3D…

Reflection.pdf (1.0 MB)