More than one separate geometry in same sheet

Hi, I am using opennest to generate 2d drawings for cutting. I have 2 different sets of breps that i want to extract those lines. I can make them together, but I need to have them separate and I don’t want to do 1 process for each brep set because of the organization on the sheet. Organizing them in different lists i could mane it respectivly 10A and 10B for which has the same height, for example.

geometries into 1 (1.0 MB)

Is this a question?

There is no need for Deconstruct Brep before SrfDir. Your geometry will be organized better if you use Entwine instead of Merge. There is no need for List Item and Clean Tree after SrfDir, though PShift (Shift Paths) is recommended.

Keeping a duplicate of internalized geometry doubles your file size. Flatten loses the distinction between your two lists of geometries. What you are doing after this is a bit mysterious…?

geometries into 1 sheet_2021Jan29aa
geometries into 1 (533.2 KB)

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the list item is to separate the bigger curves from the tiny holes the pieces has… if i put all curves right from the brep edges, this holes wont go to the right position, insted they will be treated as a stand alone curve. Thats why i need the list item, so i can separate the holes and the bigger curves and put the small cricles in the right position with the transform.

What i am asking is, if there is a way to separate the lines from those sets of breps and opennest recognize that they are 2 groups of sets. So i can tag them as 1A and 1B.

Your code simplify big time till the brep edges comand, after that is where it still problematic to achieve the set differentiation.

You will have more success with Grasshopper if you learn to understand the data trees and stop flattening arbitrarily. The surfaces are organized as two branches in my previous post and you can get edges the same way, separating the small circles based on length and Closed (Cls):

geometries into 1 (537.8 KB)

I can’t help with OpenNest because I don’t have it installed.

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I’m not sure what you want, anyway if you want the nesting per brep set in one sheet, check the attached…

geometries into 1 (534.5 KB)

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yeah, i am kinda new to gh, still getting the data structure and how to match. Thanks for the advices!

yes, definetly. The only thing it missed is the tag differentiating the upper pieces from the down ones. Like, 1A (upper) e 1B (down) for example. Also, in the final geometry, the holes are squared and i don’t know why, since the mesh holes looks pretty regular circles.

Have no idea why. I have no problem with the hole resolution… And labeling is your task.
All ideas is in in the file I gave you.


I didn’t mean to say to you label the geometry for me, sorry