More than 4 point surface?


I am trying to create a surface in grasshopper with 8 points. Essentially I am looking for the same tool as ‘‘4 point surface’’ except well, with more points. Otherwise is there a way to make two 4 point surfaces then join them somehow?

Im sorry, im sure this is an easy problem but im still new to the program.


Would it do what you want to add the component “Divide Surface”, like so? :

Fig 1. Four point surface (corners) with more points added.

// Rolf

in rhino itself you have SrfControlPtGrid which lets you create in both direction as many points as you want.
here an example from @pascal explaining in which sequence you build up such a surface from this thread.

i am not sure if its implemented in grasshopper but i believe that SrfGrid may do this from an array of points. i didnt try that so i cant help you further i am a hopper noob myself only do very basic tests occasionally.

of course you can also merge 2 surfaces if the orientation is the same which you can also flip and if they have the same degree and CV´s meeting at one point which you can match.

Hello - do you mean you want to have more internal control points or do you want to be able to specify more vertex points as inputs (i.e. an octagonal surface)?


Do you mean to increase the control points? You can use Divide Surface, then remake the surface with your division points with the Surface from Points (SrfGrid) component. You can check that your surface now has more control points by using the Surface Points component. (Alternatively, Lunchbox & Pufferfish plug-ins both have rebuild surface components that can also increase the control point counts) (6.3 KB)