More ShapeDiver Export Attributes?


I’m trying to add dashed linetype to some objects with shapediver’s export attributes. It’s working for names and colors but not custom attributes like ‘linetype’ =/ Test with DXF and 3DM format with ShapeDiver Export Download Node.

Indeed when importing back 3DM with ShapeDiver Import Geometry Node, i can retreive all attributes with ShapeDiver Extract Attributes Node, except ‘linetype’…

Any workaround yet ?

The only reserved attributes supported by ShapeDiver are listed in this article. At the moment, linetype is not a reserved attribute, which means it acts as any other custom attribute:

  • It can be extracted and visualized in the online viewer
  • It maps from/to Rhino User Text when importing and exporting 3dm files.

Now of course, more reserved attribute types could be added to the plugin, as long as the Rhino SDK exposes them somehow. I will file your request in our backlog. Can you already think of other types of attributes that would be useful for your workflow?

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Thank you Mathieu for your quick reply.

Understood. I was just hoping I could add ‘linetype’ attribute for DXF exports (exported from SolidWorks by default with this linetype, and reconized by the factory to target metal sheet foldings). But for now, different color and layername will probably make the job.