More render testing v7

More render testing with my pedal car model. Sun, 1 panel light and a few PBR’s… Some focal blur added to the render and a small saturation adjustment in post.


@gustojunk I also softened the rear wheel transitions just for you! :wink:

much better! …is it just me or are those just G1 fillets?

and not that I was looking but this also jumped up a bit… capture_gf_040619PM_201030

(ok, I’ll walk myself out now)


They are G9. It take a discerning eye to see the difference. Don’t worry… you’ll grow into it with a few more years of experience…

(pokes bear, runs away)


Ha! my experience works like Benjamin Button, the older I get the more picky and unbearable.

Here’s me today on snow day remaking this custom macro’s icon that it was too crappy and I was carrying it along for 10 plus years, killing me daily, for a decade…