More Nodes in Model of Karamba

Hello, I have a problem in assembling the Karamba 3D model, the number of nodes does not correspond to the number of points detected, specifically the number of points are 663, while the number of nodes I get when assembling the model are 2568. Can you solve the problem? (189.7 KB)

When i open your script, the nodes seem accurate. I see 664 nodes in the model - there might be one node that you did not input in. However it is not necessary to input a list of points, only if you need to control the order of points in your model


Thank you Matthew, so why the displacement of component “optimize cross section” is different by top displacement that I have in the component “nodal displacements”?
Top displacement

Does your script show that you have only extracted the x value of the vector? The result of the optimisation is a global vector

what is meant by global vector? If I want to optimize the structure having a maximum displacement of 40cm at the top, how can I do it?

currently in the latest build of Karamba you can only use the Optimise Cross Section to optimise for the global displacement. However you can use galapagos or something similar to optimise for nodal displacements as you have shown.

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