More Mesh friendly Rhino

@Jarek - the intersector uses the render mesh of the extruded curve - so tightening up the settings should at least help - but we’re looking at adding a mesh-as-target tolerance to Project since, well, who would think to change the render meshes…?


Hi Pascal, in the sample file the extrusions of these curves look quite smooth…unlike the projection result.
Good to know this will get some refinement…



Yep, and this makes it even weirder - the ‘extrusion’ used by the intersector is a ‘sum surface’ (i.e an ‘ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv’) and not an extrusion object, and this makes a fairly hideous render mesh at the current settings:



whoa! this ugly extrusion explains the ugly projection result… thanks for explanation. I wish I didn’t have to know that :wink:


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Mesh Equal Rights Wish #11) _IntersectTwoSets equivalent that works with mesh objects.


Right, Mesh Equal Rights next step forward depends on mesh intersections working reilably and cleanly to begin with - that is currently getting some love but… don’t wait under water…


RH-40765 is fixed in the latest WIP