More Layout questions?

More Rhino Layout questions:

I imported my AC template into Rhino. I’m now trying to get it as close in function to my AC version.

  1. Is there a built in export of Rhino to pdf as in AC’s DWG to PDF printer?
  2. I have two date fields in layouts in my AC template. One records the date the file/drawing is created, (and this never changes after that) and another that records the last Date and Time the file was modified/saved.

Rhino has the DateModified function which I think answers the second question. However, the DATE function seems to record the current date. Hence if I open the file on successive days that date will change. Am I correct there is no function to answer question 1.?

No, you will have to install a PDF printer.

That is correct. For a static value I guess you have to change the text manually.