More layout kraziness

If I import the file below into a new blank file, the dimensions in model space are displaced. If I import the layout afterwards, a second copy of the dimensions comes in in the right place. I can delete the displaced copy. :confounded:

I am dimensioning all of these drawings in layout space, as it’s pretty practical. But either I’m doing something totally wrong here (completely possible), or this stuff isn’t very well worked out…?

Crank2a.3dm (376.0 KB)

I see what you mean. I have no idea and have never seen this in any of my layout work. Is it possible that the origin point is not translating correctly between model and layout? Someone better than me will have an answer.

yes, that

furthermore, although it isn’t always feasible, I prefer to dimension in model space, one of the reasons being that the dimensions in layout space are not anchored to the drawing.

That’s for sure, woe be to you if you ever want to pan your drawing within the detail, if you unlock it and double click and pan, you will never get it referenced back to whatever you have done in layout space. In layout space you can snap to and reference things in model space, but the other direction doesn’t exist.

However, what i like about dimensioning in layout space is that fact that the dims are really just related to the detail and there is no need to deal with HideInDetail/ShowInDetail.

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I think it’s likely that the detail has its own CPlane and the detail 0 is not relative to world 0 in any way (nor can it be made to be). No time right now to prove out my theory though.

Things are not related to a detail but to the page. The lower left corner being 0,0
So when imported it will still be relative to 0,0 but then to the origin in model space

but to solve this bug is simply to not import things from layout space to model space, or is that too simplistic?

I’m not. I’m importing a file with a layout (which has dimensions and annotations in layout space) into another file. The layout doesn’t import. The layout needs to be imported with the ImportLayout command, and that’s where it goes pear-shaped.

OT, but what is “Layout space” and “Model space”? Difference?

I tried searching the help file but nothing came up.

// Rolf

“Layout space” is sorta like “Paperspace” in AutoCAD… and sorta not.

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well, it seems it is importing your dimensions from layout space into model space, which is wrong imo.
To me it isn’t strange that import doesn’t import layouts by default. Why would you want that? Imagine importing multiple files into one file, this could mean that things from one drawing end up in other drawings as well

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Just found that on the Mac, the model imports without dimensions, these only import with ImportLayout. I think this is how it’s designed to work

Hi Mitch - thanks, I’ll check it.
@Helvetosaur - I think this is part of

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