More intuitive way of deleting components

Well seems some comments here got out of hand but why am I quoted here? I have not said what I do and agreed with your first two suggestions, Questioned the third (was not meant in a negative way, but meant to engage in a discussion about its usefulness - which still was not answered), and for the last informed you that delete is one key, in which you stated that the real issue was not using one key but that you didn’t want to reach across the keyboard, fair enough.

Imagine you work with a space mouse, and you completely remove the keyboard in front of you. What you have to do to delete a component?

could be useful if your delete key is broken doesn’t exist

Same difference

Ok, if you’re going to be unreasonable, I’m gonna rationalize.

  1. Assume I work on a touch screen and there is no keyboard. Long touch on a component will be acting as right-click. (hopefully some day a delete button will be there). I saw there is an intention for Rhino Mobile. How are you going to delete components on tablets, if the menu is small so that the canvas is big enough - delete button in the context menu or a recycle bin to drag the component into.

  2. Assume I’m one handed, the only hand is moving the mouse. Do I slow the process by removing it from the mouse to press the Delete key? Or perhaps press the key with my nose.

  3. Assume I’m a midget with hands like a one year old. The reach of my fingers is from CTRL to Z.

Whatever the reason. Such a change will be an improvement. You won’t even notice it. Why fight it, just because you can’t see the benefit at the moment?

Чети малко бе братле, не се излагай, казах да е интуитивно, а не да ходя да кликам по менютата

Ok, if you’re going to be unreasonable, I’m gonna rationalize.

Are you dense? I’m agreeing with you :roll_eyes:

“could be useful


Yeah :slight_smile: Makes perfect sense! I agree. The way you want it, you have to select the component, right click/hit space move the house and select the delete command. The only real difference between this and clicking on the menu and selecting delete is that you will have to find the will to move your mouse overcoming the impossible distance of 2 screen inches (usually). And this will increase efficiency by what % exactly? And yet I am the one “embarrassing” myself here?! :smiley: I have even better idea. There are these devices which can track your eyes and you can use this as a mouse. Eat popcorn and drink beer with your free hands (if you still have both of them, if not I am afraid you have to compromise). But at the end of the day I gave you both solutions to a short key problem and to your one hand touch screen (who does cad on a touch screen?!) situation.

But if you just assign the scroll button to delete when clicked, you will have exactly what you want. And better still, it will work on every software you use. You won’t have to bother even remembering.

This is not going anywhere. I’ve closed the topic. Feel free to open a new one if you feel that polite conversation and rational discussion is on the table again.