More interactive curve fillet tool?

Can it work on closed wireframes?

Hi @Gijs,
I’m trying your tool but I can’t get it to work on edges like eobet is doing in his video. In your script it only works on curves? How is he getting it to work like that?

Nice work this will prove to be most useful, I can’t count all the times I’ve been doing this with the tangent arcs and circles etc.

One small thing error reporting could include more info, it seems curves fail too if they are not similar not the same as you report. Like a line and curve your tool fails for me sometimes. (Either you have selected 2 identical curves, or there were some technical issues.)

And I see this many times has to do with the pick order of the curves.
Perhaps in your script you should allow the user to continue if it fails seems like it’s auto enter now. Might be good to have an option to repick curves in the reverse order when it works or do that internally if it fails on the first picks.
I have an example but I think you’re aware of it.

Thanks for sharing this is really useful,

Hi @Gijs @pascal

I see there are two separate scripts. I grabbed the other one as well which you and Pascal worked on which works on edges. Too cool!
Thanks for this Pascal much obliged,
Thanks Gijs for the additional touches.

yes it’s a bit confusing, I just got carried away with the other script (fillet_curve_deviations), based on requests by Bobi. I’m not sure if after @pascal 's last post the modifications I made are included into his script on GitHub.