More help for the short bus

I still can’t manage to make the py script work. Here’s the command and the script in location. What??

Hm- that setup works here - wait- it looks like the “double quotes” are a problem - I get an error message if I put those in the command string.


single quotes?

None at all - keep the file names without spaces and that should work.


Jeez, now I can’t even get back to the command. Check the results of search

I got another error message for the underscore I used - I suppose that was a mistake. But now I can’t even get back to make the change.


While Waiting, I restarted and remade the icon and inserted the script and now I get this

Maybe you could just copy and paste the script in the message?

In your python script you use:

>>>Import Rhino

it should be

Import Rhino

Without >>>

I think…

Actually it’s

import Rhino...

Python is case-sensitive and import is not capitalized


I went back and opened the script in Atom then saved it thinking that may solve any issues, but I get an error message shown in balloon.

Try this one. Dashed lines are set by your document properties. (297 Bytes)

Were you allowed to choose points or did it error out right away? Note that the way the script is written, there is no error checking, if you do not choose exactly two points (i.e. one or none), you will get that kind of message.

Unfortunately my Mac is in the shop, so nothing to test with.


Okay, back from servicing a client. I added the new script and attached it to a command icon. The clip below shows my effort to use it. What I want to do is draw a line parallel to the edge I choose at a distance I can enter into the dialogue box. When I try this however, I get what’s shown or in the other case a line is drawn perpendicular to the edge chosen.2015-11-12_14-28-46.mp4 (11.5 MB)

I’ll fool with it - keep in mind that the code you are running there is nothing more than a ‘fix’ for the very bare-bones script posted by Randy previously and which showed up a bug in GetLine() on the mac - that is all it is, not a real, ready for prime time tool for making construction lines.


I understand. But I’m very enthused that the issue has generated some real interest. I’m keen on abandoning the Sketchup program after years of waiting for it to ‘grow up’ into a professional design platform. Now I’m trying to switch back and forth between two programs with very different interfaces and control paradigms. I still need the simplicity of the SU features for some client projects until I can master Rhino. The construction line feature is really a very powerful tool. I suspect there are many who would take to it quickly once it’s made solid.

See if this does any better: (1005 Bytes)

(Dashed lines, if the linetype is present; they go on their own layer; the layer gets locked by default)


The line is dashed but it’s drawn perpendicular to the edge chosen. Also, I can’t actually choose an edge but rather the midpoint of the edge. And then from there the line is drawn.

Here’s clip I shared with jeff: It’s using the dimension tool in SU