More fun with FilletEdge

Latest WIP, Windows.

@pascal First an observation about Leader, Text Block and Annotation Dot: They don’t work. At all.
Not from the menu. Not from the icon. Not from the command line.

In the attached file there is a closed polysurface on the Body Complete layer which was created by copying the objects from the Core, Inlets, Outlets and Mount layers to the Body Complete layer and successively using “Boolean 2 Objects” to combine each object into the final configuration. BTW: this works great.

I then used Fillet Edge -> Fillet Edge using all defaults with 0.050 radius to fillet the corners as you can see on the Fillets layer.

Note that none of the fillet ends are capped, and there is a piece of fillet sticking out in free space. Fillet Edge reports “Failure in building corners”.

I don’t claim to be an expert in fillets, so any advice will be welcome. I don’t even know whether what I’m getting is what I should expect, but to be honest I expect he fillets to be capped, not continue beyond the boundaries of the base object, and to automatically join with the base closed polysurface into a single filleted closed polysurface.

Valve Body Fillet Test V7.3dm (760.8 KB)

Hello - I see - my guess is MergeAllFaces on the thing before filleting will allow those ‘caps’ to be trimmed correctly. The planar ends are split up into multiple faces.


I’ll see if I can get it working… Yes, that does it.

Dots, Text and Leaders all seem OK here in this build:

Build date = 9/30/2018 12:00:00 AM
Version = 7.0.18273.20055



Aha. So just a closed polysurface isn’t enough. I’ll go back and have some more fun.

My V7 WIP is 7.0.18268.4155 9/25/2018. I guess somebody caught it already.

Another little thing: here’s what the version number looks like on my setup. I personally think the text color could be a little darker for readability.


Hmmm. On my Dell monitor it’s enough brighter that it’s hard to read. Everything else is just fine, though.

Well, even with merge all faces it gives the same result including “failure in building corners”.

I guess I’ll need to try a later WIp. Do you happen to know if the one you’re using (or a later one) is generally available to V6 users?

Hello - the current WIP is from 9/30

I noticed as well, even though the fillets worked OK as is, that you have multiple faces trimmed out of a single cylinder that could be combined:Valve Body Fillet Test V7_PG.3dm (542.4 KB)



OK, but just keep in mind that I’m one of the peasants. From my point of view either fillet edge should be able to work with the closed polysurf that results from boolean from 2, or else boolean from 2 should do all this cleanup to produce the simplest possible closed polysurf. And not just boolean from 2, really ANY defect-free closed polysurface.

To me the second option makes more over-all sense. My uneducated guess is also that, at least theoretically, it should be possible to come up with an algorithm that does the cleanup since Rhino knows how many pieces a face or cylinder has.

Question: does merge all faces only work on planar faces. Or another way: can faces only be planer or can any surface be a “face”?

Yes. It should be possible to merge faces from cylinders and spheres and even arbitrary surfaces if they are truly just different trims of the same underlying surface, I would think, but it has not been done…