More fancy curve testing WIP v8

Have been playing more with Steve’s testfancycurves in v8- they seem to have a nice application to 2d artwork as well…

I dusted off this old drawing and was playing with the look a bit with fancy curves. (expand image to see more clearly the detail of the lines)

to my eye it’s more interesting than just a drawing with a thicker silhouette applied which is what I had before-

ideally I’d love a combo of the two- with a thicker fancy silhouette…


This efforts is visually similar to the weight intent we do in hand sketching, except for one aspect, and probably the most important aspect: line weight in hand sketching is never random. It is also never related to a proportional length of the stroke. For example: these fancy lines seem to render variable thickness based on a 20% thin start + 60% thick middle + 20 % thin end of the stroke.

When I sketch I clench down and push the pen when I want to indicate a part’s outline or contour line (behind this line there’s some depth, or 3D airspace).

Until these lines are truly 3D, so such logic could be inherited from 3D information, the best, most immediate approach would be capturing pressure sensitivity, or some other key modifier to allow the user to input ‘clenching down’, where they mean it.

Right now it’s just gimmicky IMO.

I hope this helps,


Of course it’s gimmicky; that’s why it is a test command. I know Kyle is excited about this, but this is also why we typically don’t discuss test commands a whole lot. You’ll also notice there are a lot of other options in this test command that don’t have anything to do with tapering as I use this to test a bunch of different potential display features.

There isn’t any randomness here; the test command is a big global hammer that affects every curve in the scene with the same settings which is why you’ll never be able to get what you want just with the features that this command offers. There is a setting for a maximum taper thickness and a position along the curve to apply the maximum taper thickness that gets applied to all curves.

The next areas of work here would be to:

  • allow application of these settings to individual curves
  • figure out what would be needed to support vector output for print/svg/pdf
  • improve on the taper algorithm

yep, and as this is super early, this type of feedback is good. (although I’m way ahead of you already, and have tons of ideas for ways to control this stuff to get the “look” right :wink: I plan on lobbing ideas at Steve for uses and features on this until he blocks me on all forms of media.