More Export Options to the people!

(Fabiano Friedrich) #1

This a personal pet peeve of mine about Rhino, the export options for some formats.

For example DAE files, export with 4 views attached, there is no option to turn it off. So when I import the file on AR Studio and/or SceneKit, I get all this extra unnecessary objects. My work around now, is to open the file on another 3D package just to re-export without the cameras.

Same goes to FBX, there is no option to keep the Z axis for example, or export by Layers, or as a single mesh or object name. I do AR/VR and video games using Rhino/Grasshopper to export the content to Unreal Engine/Unity. It would be great to have more control over the export, in particular, naming, grouping and which export version of FBX to use.

This is how you auto import collision meshes on UE4, using object names embedded in the FBXL

Or the whole static mesh:

Even a LOD (level of detail) export option would be super useful, like when selecting how detail the mesh should be on export, the user could select the number of LOD levels and set the quality for each with the slider.

I am only talking about FBX and DAE here, because these are the one I use the most (and OBJ, but this at least has many more option, shame it’s not as standard of a format as FBX).

(Tim Hemmelman) #5

V6 , V7, binary and ascii export flavors for FBX will be in Mac V6. Rhino Z to FBX Y will also be in Mac V6. I’ll add issues for your other requests and we’ll try to get to them as we have time.


(Tim Hemmelman) #6

Turns out that in V6 (both Windows and Mac) dae export pays attention to the “Geometry Only” checkbox in the file save dialog. I’ll probably make that a dialog internal to the plugin for V7 so that setting can be easily retained.