More efficient/elegant way for a value list interface?

Hi All!
I’m working on a user interface to assign certain key values to certain geometries.
I think the gene pool is the closest I can get to a kind of switch-board, to assign these values.
I was fighting (as you can see with the duplicate data…) with dispatches, picks and the like when I realized I could just do a list item… but is there a more elegant efficient way of doing this? I think the list item is the simplest, right?

Have you tried copy and pasting “value list” components connected to a single “merge” component?

Otherwise you could use the “eval” component and simply replace the output depending on your input (if else statement) - or you do the same with a scriptcomponent of your choice

Nevertheless I would rethink about exposing so many parameters. My experience is, that nobody can handle this properly. Instead I would find a way of reducing them or only expose them in some sort of multiple layer approach (if possible)

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One of the main conceptual issues on my thesis is the handling of complexity in computational design user interfaces… Architects say “this space” and this particularly simple sentence is indeed overtly complex… :rofl:

Its one of the greatest paradoxon in the universe… People want to simplify their work by using tons of modern technologies, but in the end most of them ending up with a bigger workload.

This seems to be especially true for design related work. The diversity of apps and tools is insane…
Its so important to know what a tool is really good at. If you ask me, picking the cherries in a very minimalistic way is the only way in dealing with this general issue.

Grasshoppers main domain is the creation of complex parametric and generative patterns. Of course its multipurpose, but any other usage likely collides with the user interface at some point.