More control over each component in a group

Hi you all,
I am new with grasshopper so forgive me if my question is stupid.
I have built a section/profile structure and i mange to sort the point into some groups.
the thing is that i would like to have more control and diversity inside the group, meaning to have more control on each profile without making my script huge (it is already to big i belive).
for example i would like to move the profiles towards each other (img 1)
or to be able to have the height jumps smoother (img 2)
I hope i made myself clear.
im also attaching my model and gh.
C1.3dm (60.4 KB) (83.7 KB)

I don’t think anyone is gonna be able (or willing) to go through your script & make sense of it. Looking at it, it seems to me you’d be better off actually modelling your shape & only doing the slicing/partitioning in grasshopper…