More car seats

Built this one as a continuation of developing a SubD workflow for doing automotive style seating. Probably have 4-6 hrs into this including futzing with the renderings.

stitching was done with curve piping and the seam detail was done with shut lining. That ended up being kinda cool…
-make 2 copies of the curve that defines the seam…
-add a dashed linetype to the one that will be the stitching, and then curve pipe it and assign a material.
-leave the 2nd copy of the seam curve as a continuous line and shutline it, with the embossed “v” profile. Render and you get a pretty convincing seam with custom stitching.

It’s super fun to do this stuff in SubD…

detail of the stitching


Hi Kyle~

Leather material feel so good~ :thinking:

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it’s an .sbsar downloaded from substance- they have a ton of great leather materials which render beautifully in rhino 7-