More Boolean absurdity

In the following example, if you substract the big solid from the small, you end up with a boolean addition of both, and if you substract the small solid from the big one, you get an intersection.

Booleans in Rhino are refreshing : nothing to do with all the boring predictable booleans from most other CAD tools.

Boolean difference turns to an addition.3dm (428.3 KB)

your small object is somehow fliped.

if you extract one surface and cap it again it looks like it should:

and then everything works as normal

Hi Diego,

I see this now.
It’s baked from GH, but since it’s a solid, I wonder how could it get flipped.
If one tries to flip such a solid, Rhino will say “Cannot flip closed solid”.

Basically, this should not happen.

there is a problem in the ends of the extrusion but I can’t determine why or how it works that way. maybe is some parameter in GH because I can’t replicate the issue with normal rhino tools. it seems the ends are slightly not planar but veeery tiny variation

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Thanks Diego.
I’ll post something on the GH side of the Forum.

This should be caught by the “Selbad” command, but it is not.

Moreover, I notice that if I explode the small solid and join it anew, Rhino does not correct the normals and creates a valid closed polysurface with normals pointing inwards.

funny it has negative volume…

@brian Here’s something for your next developer meeting to figure out who it belongs to. Surely it’s a bug somewhere?

I do not see what is happening here either… It all looks like it should be correct, to me.

RH-59755 Solid is inside out


For more insight : my post in the GH section.