Monkey not working for some scripts v5

Wondering why some rvbs will run from Monkey but not others.
@pascal 's BatchImportAndName.rvb will run with Rhino’s runscript command, but will not run from Monkey.
I like running scripts out of Monkey, let’s me make little changes on the fly. Is my Monkey broken?

Rhino v5

Hello- by Monkey, do you mean what became EditScript in V5? My scripts tend to be made to run from an alias - there’s a line to call the script that is in there (usually) for testing but it’s commented out -

'Call BatchImport&Name()

for instance. Remove the tick in front and the script should run. On the other hand you may need to also comment out the line that refers to the last loaded script file usually also near the top, where the Alias is added.


ah, sweet! Thank you that did it. (removing the tick)