Monkey Debug window missing


I’m running Rhino 4.0 on W10. My laptop got updated recently and caused issues with zoom, select etc. It was fixed by updating the graphic drivers.

I have a new issue (not sure if it is connected to the update, but it has occurred since then.

Using the Monkey editor, if I add a breakpoint and use the debug icon, I get nothing, no debug window and no way to escape other than stopping the Rhino task.

Any thoughts?


Hi Keith - I do not have a good idea about this - are you using multiple monitors? I’m thinking the debug window may be open but not in view…


HI Pascal,

It seems that way, I can use the Debug button and the script will run and complete but if I add a breakpoint, it runs and stops as expected but then it locks up (sort of), most likely as I can’t see the STEP button and can’t press it to continue. So I think it is working but hidden somewhere!

The Monkey editor sometimes gives me issues when on multiple monitors, e.g. if Rhino is on the Monitor 1 and Monkey on Monitor 2, when you use the laptop the next time with a second monitor Monkey can’t be seen! I try to do it the other way, Rhino on 2 and Monkey on 1 as Rhino will find its way to the laptop when only one monitor.

I’ve found the registry settings for the Monkey window and can get it back if needed, here’s a screenshot, edit the MainWindowPos_left and you can get Monkey back.

There must be registry settings for the Debug window but I haven’t been able to track them down.

This seems to be best place to start as Debug is a separate window.



Hello - I think the test would be, if you have not tried, to temporarily disconnect all but one monitor, reboot, and see if the window shows up.
Monkey is old stuff - I don’t even think multiple monitors were common back in the stone age.



I’ll give that a go….

I remember in the stone age we couldn’t debug a customers program, every command was illegal, yet it looked correct, then we discovered the monitor could only display UPPERCASE characters and the customer had typed all commands in LOWERCASE, didn’t find it for weeks until someone used a later model monitor!


Restart didn’t help and I did notice that even though I had a breakpoint on line 002, the MsgBox appeared. I think the recent windows update did it, I’m going to probably reinstall sometime.

001 Dim a

002 A=20

003 MsgBox(“Boo!”)