cloud database for URL hosting instead of AWS?

I use to hold my files for my business and they are constantly being updated by my team. I would like to be able to point Shapediver there to get materials, or .obj files to import into my Shapediver.
I have the designer account.

Does anyone have experience with this?


It is usually bad practice to rely on such services for file hosting in web applications. If you send me a sample link of a typical url from monday you would use, I can evaluate the feasibility.

Thanks Mathieu. I tried several options and I did find what appears to be a workaround that is working. Someone made an app that will grab the file from and puts it up on AWS. Here are two links:
really reduced with texture

really reduced 2 with texture

The second one is small enough that I am able to import the geometry. I am having trouble getting the texture to stick, and it seems like Shapediver is only liking the .dxf Nothing happens when I use .3dm or .fbx or .obj or even the shapediver GLBTF.

Is the mesh for importing really limited to 10,000kb?? Do you have any suggestions on best practice on how to reduce filesize while retaining the texture? Quadremesh did a great job lowering polgons but the texture is not re-mapped to the remesh. Reducing the mesh over and over again and looking at the filesize is tedious. Any tips?

Here is a file that I would like to import into my Shapediver model: