Mojave dark mode - and some more

Version 6 WIP (6.12.18345.12306, 2018-12-11) setup: dark mode

  • select by layer --> white text on white background

  • the thumbnails for some functions are very dark:
    standard toolbar: cut
    select toolbar: select dots
    render tools toolbar: render preview

  • the file settings window - menu render is very long. longer than my screen high and I can’t resize it. Don’t know what is at the bottom.

  • same window at the top right side sing “>>” to nothing

When using the command thickness analysis and I add an object the command is working fine. When I close the thickness analyses setup window without switching off the analysis I can’t get the thickness setup window back on screen with the same object. The object ist shown in the colors (stays colored - I like this) and I’ve to use an other object to get the thickness analyses setup window back to screen to switch off.

Rhino V6 in dark mode - awesome. Thanks!