Modules from specified sub-folders not recognized/loaded

Hi there,
this might be a bit embarrassing, but I am having trouble with importing custom modules.

The search paths are specified in the options of the PythonEditor of course.


The superior folder is recognized, but the subfolder is not.
To me it does basically make no sense at all, but maybe I am overlooking something.

The reason I am doing this is to organize my modules a bit more tidy.
I also found a similar issue here.


Hi Tobias,
Is ‘C:/folder1/subfolder’ found inside the following list:

import sys
print (sys.path)

@djordje , yes. Just checked and it is contained in the list.

Okay. Not sure really.
Can you position all the modules as subfolders inside the C:/folder1?
For example:
C:/folder1/module1, C:/folder1/module2

I did and now it does not recognize anything at all, @djordje .
It recognizes the following though:

from folder1.module1 import class1

is fully recognized by autocomplete.

When I run it, I get the following:

No module named folder1.module1

Try making the file inside each of the C:/folder1/module1, C:/folder1/module2. With the following code inside it:

import file1
import file2

Where file1, file2 are .py files inside the C:/folder1/module1, C:/folder1/module2 folders.

Hi @djordje , I guess this is working.
Thanks first of all.

As Steve described here…

“Python was designed with the concept of modules and packages where sets of scripts are grouped together inside a directory (package). I don’t want to make any change that breaks this behavior.”

My problem is that files from one folder need the other ones.
So it would be a “bummer” to organize them in folders and then having to keep the init files up to date every time you add a new file to a folder, right?

Are there any other strategies to organize the code or do you think I simply have to live with that?


Hm, I see what you mean. Yes, it can be tedious. Maybe someone else has an advice for that.

As I am working with this incredible tool

I thought maybe creating workspaces in vs code might work.

I will test this as soon as I find time and let you know.

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Hi Tobias,

The files do not need to contain anything they can be left empty.

If you want to load a module from a sibling folder you wil need to add the common root path to the sys.paths like so


Does that nake sense?

Im on my phone now but let me know if I need to elaborate.

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