ModifyObjectAttributes event feature request



Would it be possible for a RhinoDoc_ModifyObjectAttributes event to be triggered when the user changes any of the texture mapping values pls?


(Dale Fugier) #2

I believe a OnMaterialTableEvent event is triggered. Correct me if I am wrong.


Hi Dale - I’m not seeing OnMaterialTableEvent being triggered for Texture Mapping changes. For example, if I change a cube to spherical mapping, OnMaterialTableEvent is not triggered after the radius is set (or at any other time). OnMaterialTableEvent is firing normally for other material actions.


(Dale Fugier) #4

Rhino does trigger texture mapping events anytime something is changed in the document’s texture mapping table. But I don’t see any “OnTextureMappingTableEvent” in RhinoCommon. I’ll add a item to the to-do list for @stevebaer. Hopefully we can get something in SR7.


Thanks Dale.


Hi - I have been playing with the new texture mapping event - very nice - thank you. And it also trigger RhinoDoc_ModifyObjectAttributes - perfect.