ModifyObjectAttributes event feature request


Would it be possible for a RhinoDoc_ModifyObjectAttributes event to be triggered when the user changes any of the texture mapping values pls?


I believe a OnMaterialTableEvent event is triggered. Correct me if I am wrong.

Hi Dale - I’m not seeing OnMaterialTableEvent being triggered for Texture Mapping changes. For example, if I change a cube to spherical mapping, OnMaterialTableEvent is not triggered after the radius is set (or at any other time). OnMaterialTableEvent is firing normally for other material actions.


Rhino does trigger texture mapping events anytime something is changed in the document’s texture mapping table. But I don’t see any “OnTextureMappingTableEvent” in RhinoCommon. I’ll add a item to the to-do list for @stevebaer. Hopefully we can get something in SR7.

Thanks Dale.

Hi - I have been playing with the new texture mapping event - very nice - thank you. And it also trigger RhinoDoc_ModifyObjectAttributes - perfect.