Modify Radius to a Point

Is there any simple way to modify the radius of a circle while having the circle size change relative to an arbitrary point on the circle?

Or even simpler, have it resize relative to a quadrant point on a circle?

Hello - yes, sure - Scale or Scale2D from that point - if you want to set a specific radius or diameter, snap the reference point to the center or the opposite qudrant and then type in the desired radius or diameter.


Thanks, but I am kind of confused about the last part. I want to set a specific radius.

Here’s an example. I have many of these circles in various planes that I want to make a fixed radius but I want them to be at the end of the blue line

BoxEdit and set the pivot location accordingly.

use _Scale, first reference: snap to end of blue line, second: snap to center of circle, then enter desired radius

one should add, that scale 2d only works when the object is actually parallel to the cplane, in all other cases use scale.

you can also relocate your Gumball, take your blue line as an x direction and do a gumball scale with shift click on the squares to resize in both directions equally. you would have to translate scale into your data of course (i wished one could use real world numbers here either)

this is possible: you can relocate the scale handle to the opposite quadrant and then scale to the diameter. For this, start dragging the handle and then enter the number, then press shift and release. Quite a complex manipulation though…