Modify quickly a surface

I’d like to know, please, how can i quickly modifiy the surface i show here.
I want to have at the end what i obtain at the right, a full rectangle, without the hole we see at the first picture at the left.
In french, in order to obtain the last picture, i do the command “Courb”-> “Courbe à partir d’objet”->“Extraire la bordure d’une face”, then, i have the second picture.
I think using "annuler limite " or “annuler les bords”, we could do it quickly, but i don’t know how.
Can you please help me?
Thanks so much! :grinning::grinning:

Hi, in the “Solids” tab , you can give the command ,“box” then all 3 dimensions to get that slab piece. Or make a planar surface which can be thickened to the desired thickness. There are other methods as well.—Mark

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Thnaks so much!