Modify Floor Subelements (SlabShapeEdit) in GHPython

Hi @Japhy ,

Recently I found and learned the Floor can do the same trick:

A few curiosities,

  1. As shown in image, in GH the angle input is 0.1 and return 5.71° in Revit. I figure it’s rad.
    But when I when I try 60 it converts 46.32°. Wonder what’s the unit conversion here?
  2. Is there a way to let the script return the element that it created? (the O out-put)
  3. I just curious about the name you have, whats “ncl” and “nln” stand for in the script?
    if GO == 1:
        count = 0
        ncl = Convert.Geometry.GeometryEncoder.ToCurveLoop(CRL)
        nln = Convert.Geometry.GeometryEncoder.ToCurve(SLN)
        nclg = DB.Floor.Create(doc,[ncl],FTP.Id,LVL.Id,ISE,nln,SLP)

Hi ctu6,

The ncl is a New Curve Loop and nln stands for New Line

See attached.


@Japhy Thanks for the quick reply! I’m trying to figure out the angle unit.

Slope is slope, not radians.

Hmmm… got it!

Hi @Japhy , sorry that I forgot to mention one thing about Add Points to Floor script.
Is it possible or a way to skip the warring message when proceeding?
Say if there’s 10 floors, the “OK” has to be pressed 10 times…

image (3.2 KB)

See attached for suppressed errors version. (4.5 KB)

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Hi @ctu6,

We have added a component for this task in v1.9.
Here I used it to project the slab to the terrain, but you can use for other purposes. (20.9 KB)


Hi @kike , the grasshopper definition attached requires v1.9 of rhino inside which is not yet released. Is there someway the component can be shared in advance of v.19?

Many thanks

Hi @joshua.stellini,

V1.9 is available now as a Release Candidate at the updates tab on the RiR options dialog.

You can downçoad and thet if from there.