Modify easy volume

is it possible to modify easily a volume in Rhino 3d 6 for Mac like this video (rhino 3d on a pc)

If yes, how can we do?

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In exactly the same way. Instead of Ctrl+Shift to select subobjects, on Mac it’s Cmd+Shift. Otherwise everything works the same. You don’t actually need the selection filter as shown in the video to do this if you select subobjects with Cmd+Shift+Click.

thanks a lot . One question more… Where I can find this command in the menu?
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Which command? The Gumball is activated with the button at the top of the Rhino window on Mac.

this command to move a part of the volume with the gumball in Mac (in a pc, you can go menu filter selection and after you can choose “surface/face”)

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Type SelectionFilter… should also be a menu item under the edit menu. But it’s not available on earlier versions of MacRhino I believe.