Modify dim styles - possibility to write them in editor like hatches?

Good evening all,

I’m dealing with a huge architecture file at the moment. I’d love to specify my dim style a little more.
I have 3 cases I’d like to specify:

  1. Normal style: Used in every case
  2. Window style: Wherever I have a Window I’d like to be able to move the gap between text and line negativly to place the text on the line without erasing it. And it would be great if the lower number was smaller in scale than the upper one.
  3. Tiny Style: Whenever the number is smaller than a specific value, for example smaller than 1, the text should push itsell up above the vertical lines. And the last character should be suspended as shown. Also it would be great to be able to disable the point on the front. Probably this could have something to do with the option to hide the “0”.

Would I be able to change my dim style towards this explanation? Either within rhino or import it as .txt or with python or else?

Thanks in advance

Great weekend to all

No, if I understand correctly, none of the features in #2 or #3 are possible to control with dimstyles.

Hey @Lowell thanks for your reply. Is it not even with any sort of scripting possible?
If so, could we write it on a wishlist for future updates?