Modified Panel text doesn't trigger Input update

In a ScriptComponent I have an (string) Inport named FileName, which takes, well, a filename. If I change the filename the ScriptComponent updates. That’s expected. But. if I pad the number 2 to the end of the filename string, then the component doesn’t seem to notice that the string has changed.

Entering filenames gives the following results.

RILGH_XorSliders_codegen.cs       // OK. Updates the component
RILGH_XorSliders_codegen_.cs      // OK. Updates
RILGH_XorSliders_codegen_0.cs     // OK.
RILGH_XorSliders_codegen_1.cs     // OK.
RILGH_XorSliders_codegen_2.cs     // Nope! No reaction! ####
RILGH_XorSliders_codegen_3.cs     // OK, updates.

Huh? I tried to but a Text parameter on the wire to ensure that the string is interpreted as string, but no go.

This seems to be a bug in Rhino5/Gh. Rhino6 seems to behave.

// Rolf