Modification of Unlockex script

Good morning friends,

Unlockex is a script that I use often as it leaves geometry that is unlocked in the highlighted --selected position. That way if I’ve locked geometry down in order to paste something over it, when I unlock it I can delete it easily, or move it without having to pick my way through the geometry I just added.

The script was written by @pascal , but for some reason it’s not listed on his scripted utilities page. I wonder if we could do one tweek to the script that would make it even more useful? Once unlockex is run then the camera should pull back so that it displays all of the geometry that was just unlocked – and is now selected.

One could name the revised script unlockexzoomselected --or whatever.

Thank you very much to whoever does this: )


UnlockEx.rvb (1.5 KB)

Hi Cosmas- see how this one works-

UnlockEx.rvb (1.5 KB)

Hi @pascal

That was fast: )

Unfortunately, however, it does not seem to work. I wonder, however, if the original version is still active instead of the one you just created?

Here is what I did to load it:

  1. I went in to Tools/ Options/ Scripts and deleted the original version.
  2. In Tools/ Options/ Aliases I deleted the macro for this script (_noEcho _-Rhinoscript (Unlockex)
  3. I went in to the folder where I keep my scripts and replaced the original rvb in the folder with the new one.
  4. I dragged this new one in to an open instance of Rhino.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Hi Cosmas, no, sorry, it was me being hasty, I see I only modified one of the routines in the overall script- try this one instead- all you need to do is delete the old script and put this one in the same place, with Rhino closed. Let me know if you’d prefer the Zoom in all viewports- currently only the active view is zoomed to the unlocked objects,


UnlockEx.rvb (1.6 KB)


By the way I’ve been using your createoutline script lately and loving it.

Thank you very much.