Modification of a Flexible Circuit Board's Geometry for Wearable Device

This Project Has Been Completed by A Rhino Expert. Thanks to all who contacted us.

We are seeking a person with strong communication skills, great work ethic and extensive experience with 3D modeling software to assist with the Modification of a Flexible Circuit Board’s Geometry for a Better Fit in the Enclosure of our wearable device.

We prefer experience with Rhinoceros over SolidWorks.

The requested modifications are to an existing design and existing 3D Files. This is the “last push” to overcome a few challenges and get our product to market.

The size of the enclosure cannot change, so the circuit board geometry requires adjustments in the order of 2-4mm in more than one area; perhaps a few angular changes as well.

Experience with injection molds, compression molds, thermoforming would be a huge plus.

Extreme secrecy will be expected.

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia USA, Eastern Time Zone

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I have a range of experience with materials and processes from 20+ years in the entertainment industry creating specialty props and costumes. I use Rhino, but I’m also getting into a newer app created for product design called Fusion - Autodesk. I can manage your problem. Let me know where to send some proof