Absolutely agree. The question I was trying to raise is what we might do (here on this forum) to facility such learning and how to best point new users in a productive direction (and thereby hopefully avoid cases such as the ones I linked to above). Being met with a page that basically goes something like this:

  1. Do you know how to ask effective questions?
  2. Do you know basic Grasshopper?
  3. Have you searched the old forum first?
  4. Have you searched this forum first?

Might be an approach to this problem. There’s obviously very little we can do about how students are being taught outside of this forum (except for those of us that do teach), but we certainly can try to affect a positive and constructive discourse from within our community. And yes, I am well aware that the old forum is horribly broken in terms of search etc. But those concerns are kinda besides the point here.