Models and Definitions from Core Studio 2020 workshop on RiR

I am following along with the Core Studio AEC Tech 2020 workshop on Rhino inside Revit. Are the models and definitions used in this seminar available for download? I have not had luck finding them online. Thank you all,


Hi Noah, Are you looking for the Canopy Sub-Category example? From Rhino to Revit sub-categories

Do note: A lot has changed in RiR since that workshop (Element Tracking/Error Handling, …)

Hi Japhy thanks for your reply. A certain google drive folder is mentioned by Scott a few times during the seminar. That folder is what I am searching for

Hi Japhy, checking in to see if I might have access to the folder of definitions and models used in the workshop.

Thank you for your time!

Noah, Here is the archives of samples, like i mentioned, these are quite out of date component wise.