Modelling the Plaster Between Tiles

I am trying to model the plaster between tiles with filleted edges.

I have done that before using Pipes, Split and finally Scale1D to flatten things a bit. The results were good, but that just works when the corners are not filleted. Also there is this small edge where the pipes intersect:

Is there a nice way to do this?
Tiles.3dm (510.8 KB)

One simple way to do this is with more fillets (see file)

TilesX.3dm (173.6 KB)


another way without fillets
TilesY.3dm (388.4 KB)


Hi @jim, hi @Jess, I liked both results, but wasn’t able to replicate them. Can you perhaps show or tell me what you exactly did?

Hi Marcus,

I made a plane snapping to the center points of the lower edge of the tile fillets, rebuild the plane with 6x6 points degree 3. Then I selected 4 control points in all corners and elevated it, trimmed off the intersection corners and extruded the remaining edges.

Turn on the control points of the surface in the crossing, then you’ll see…


The fillets are made with the FilletSrf command. To make a fillet you need to click on the 2 surfaces that you want to connect with a fillet.
You need to clock close to where the fillet will land.

Here is a file. The Notes show the steps to make the fillets. In my previous file I changed your corner filet to a spherical corner because that looks nicer to me.

TilesX2.3dm (327.2 KB)

Thank you. I really like your results, but, too add something to this thread, finally, I figured out, it’s also pretty much like the backside of a classical y branch connection. So that’s also working nicely here.