Modelling shapes for surface this possible?


I have just no doubt been doing it all wrong.
Imagine a curving both ways (compound curve ) surface and out of it comes a decent sized hill but with squarish looks and I want to round it off, …rounded looking like one was pressing a ball into a thin sheet of rubber and you were viewing it from the opposite side to the ball.

I tried SoftMove but it forms a circle parallel to Cplane and the slope of my hill was not as such and has an infinite number of placements on its rounded corners.

It would need a number of applications all around the edge of the hill to lose its squarish aspect and turn it into a rounded hill
If I had a sphere and could move it around the edge, nudging the surface into shape, that would have done it.

Its how one would alter such if it was made from wood and one had a spherical burr in a power tool !

Can one use solids on surfaces as such ?

Could be very interesting as to the shapes we get.

What would best approach be to my hill ? I have tried Move UVN, smooth, softMove.

selecting the control points with a square selection drag gives square results with Move UVN and N I use to remove bumps. Just wish there was smooth N.

Also I wish it was possible to select control points with a lasso type cursor, draw a shape and all points with are selected.


Lasso command. Can be used within another command. More information can be found in Rhino help if needed.

Also SelCircular, SelBrushPoints, SelVolumeSphere might help you. Check the Help for Selection commands. There are a lot of specialized ones.