Modelling Question on Angled curves/ What technique to use


I am modelling a radial head elbow implant prosthetic and believe Rhino is the only program at my disposal that can create the desired curves. Inventor was too basic, but if someone feels SpaceClaim would be better that would also be helpful.

I am new to Rhino and need to have the top of the prosthetic head angled 3 degrees in the x plane and 2 degrees in the y. I have managed to cunstruct the head using a wire frame and lofting through the curves. Please see pics below.

As mentioned the desired shape has an angled head in two planes. The body of the head also is suppose to be slightly more shaped however this is less critical than the angles. I have attached below three of my dimensioned images I am working from.

How do I get these desired angles while having the central dish and the exterior shape? Would this still be done using a loft command?

Thank you for your time,


Hi Jon - it looks like the depression is spherical, correct? I’d make it with a sphere… but in any case, you can set the angle as in the attached file, if I understand what you are after - make a plane, rotate in Front and Right by 2 and 3 degrees as needed (White> Green>Red) Is that it? Then, well, I kind of made up a simplified scenario but the construction might be something like the following steps in the file.

TestAngledTop.3dm (182.1 KB)


Thank you very much Pascal!

I will give this a go and hopefully everything goes smoothly.