Modelling problem

Hi everyone, How can i make this kind of “drop” on a rhino poly surface?
The model above is imported from skp and made by the smoove tool in skp, however i tried to rebuild it in rhino using control pt tool but the “drop” isnt as smooth as the imported one, does anyone have any idea how to do this?

Rebuild the surface. Then control point editing - may use Soft Move.

i have just tried your method, however it doesnt look like the one that was built in skp, the transition isnt that smooth and the contour of the “drop” isnt round enough, is there anyway i can select a circle of pts and drop it just like the skp smoove tool?
Thank you

Hi John,
rebuild your surface and use SoftEditSrf command.

thanks for your help violine and cadmaster!

btw, do you know how to increase the “drop radius” using the softeditsrf?
the right srf from the pic above is what i got using that command but it doesnt allow me to have a larger radius for the hole
do you any idea on getting a larger “drop” like the one at which the red arrow pointing?
thanks alot

Look at the command line options - U-distance, V-distance. As a former SketchUP user I think You have to start thinking Rhino’s way.

got it !
thanks a alot !

There is big space to improve this command (SoftEditSrf). Currently until you start moving your surface there is no visual feedback of the influenced area, no possibility of adding points with shift selection and there is no dialog box with some sliders to change u v distance quickly.