Modelling problem kewood

hi i try to make some text to a kewood toaster look at this picture
i am still modelling this toaster but i really have no idea how to de this text

kenwood.3dm (1.8 MB)
i hope someone can put me in the right direction
greetings Peter

Hi Peter - see if this file helps at all. You might need to finesse the W and the N a little - with straight filleting they look a little odd. (1.4 MB)

And, of course, trim and join and then trim into the original full toaster surface there.


thanks Pascal i think i did not the same as you because i don,t understand it exactly but you put me in the right
direction the first mistake i made where the texts i had to blend the corners of the curves that was the mean problem
i think but many thanks here is an update still in progress
greetings Peter

And safety first, as always.


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