Modelling Mushroom Gills in grasshopper or python how?

hi , i am self Lerner and I am interested to draw mushroom gills in grasshopper or python but i dont know how to start . the picture below is my inspiration.

is there any tutorial helpful for this

Mentioning Grasshopper and Python I’m going to assume you want to build a gill-like structure, as a perfect model of a mushroom would be smth that i’d probably rather try to solve in a meshmodeler including a lot of texturing etc…

I doubt that there is a specific tutorial for this. I would start out looking for similarities and repetitive patterns, like the branching structure in this detail here:

Looking at the mushroom as an inverted cone shape, add more points (branches to the tree) as the cone widens, then build curves from it. To me it looks like a main gill, that runs from the base to the top, with several smaller gills branching off. Use these curves to sweep, loft, extrude, whatever works best for your purpose.

I’m sorry if this is rather abstract, but to give any more specific help I would have to build the structure myself which i dont have the time for right now… Always a good idea to start on a simple shape and then see how it transfers to more complex geometry and adapt accordingly, maybe randomize the curve parameters a bit to get a more natural pattern.

Looks like an interesting project =)

As advised by Lukas the main job is to find the good algorithms, if you want just perfect fins with perfect symetry simple Maths must be enough (with sinus, cosinus, some fadding …). If you want less perfect ans more nature it seems that reaction diffusion could help you, I must say directional reaction diffusion. Here an example on a sphere.

You will find examples here

And now there is also a fast implementation for GPU here

Here a try

I put some fadding in Z, it could be easy to add somme fading also around … there are many possibilities.
Here diffusion B = 0.25

Here diffusion B = 0.15

In order to get smaller “fins” you could also augment the number of trinagles of the mesh (353.4 KB)


pretty cool! thanks for the input @laurent_delrieu. learned something new here =)

There is also another solution using a Quadremesher like Instant Meshes

I tried Rhino WIP Quadremesher but I didn’t manage to have the result.
So export the mesh using Rhino 5 (I don’t know why Rh6 7 … doesn’t looks good on instant meshes) with the OBJ format.
Open the file with Instant Mesh
Draw orientation fields

Then quad remesh

Then you must find a logic to extract the strips/gills aligned. This require some work but it is doable

thank you very much

No problem, it is interesting also for me.
Here the quad mesh and triangle mesh
mushroom.3dm (502.7 KB)

If you want to “invest” in the quad mesh I could perhaps do something …