Modelling Kinetic/Physical Behavior - Grasshopper, Rhino?

Hello all,
question regarding modelling kinetic/physical bending, stretching motion, fatigue, lifetime analysis, etc. For example: Say I have a piece of plastic and it is affixed at one point and at another I have a single force vector pushing on it. Furthermore, perhaps there are a few holes inter-spaced throughout the material. Can I

  • Model the supposed kinetic behavior of the object, given its material, thickness etc?
  • Can I do a fatigue analysis of it’s behavior over time? For example after 1,000 inputs, will the material start to crack? Lose some its elasticity? Etc…
  • Can I do the aforementioned modelling in a complex assembly?

I know Fusion 360 can do some of this, especially anaylsis of where the most stress will be, is there other ways of doing this? Another program perhaps? A grasshopper script?

Attached is a napkin sketch of what I am trying to do. Thanks!

Hey Daniel,
Thanks for the reply. Scan-and-Solve looks very interesting, but as far as I can tell it just does stress anaylsis for different kinds of materials and structures? That is very similiar to FEA anaylsis with solidworks, which I already have.

What I am really looking for is a way - for example - to model a plastic chair but illustrate (make visible) the actual bending motion under strain, instead of simply seeing a color map of the different force densities across the object. More similiar to an animation then anything else.

For example if a 300 lbs. guy sits on a plastic chair, I want to see exactly what the chair would like under this load. The deformations of the plastic, the different bending vectors, etc.

Does this make sense? FEA anaylsis is fine for me for now, and it even can illustrate simple bending motion of single items, but I want to see the whole object/assembly deform.


:slight_smile: do you also want the bending to be real-life-accurate?

As accurate as possible, and adjusted for what type of material: I.E. plastic, metal, aluminum. Is that impossible? Can it be done?

Unless you have a supercomputer in the back yard, I’d say yeah.

FWIW, Scan & Solve Pro will show you deformations for assemblies as well:

(image from a webinar that you can find here:

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Not in real-time. You either get accurate deformation values for a few seconds, or you get approximated deformation visually in real-time. But not both.

Approximate is fine for me for now. So, from what you are saying scan & solve pro is my best bet?

BTW, this is dope, pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Is there a SolidWorks 2016 equivalent though? Out of curiosity. This seems a lot more flexible then anything I could find in solidworks, caters better to what I am trying to do.

Also what about its capabilities doing single pieces of plastic? like say a dome or a ob-longed bubble type object?

You should download the evaluation version to check if it does what you need.
A quick test on an object that looks a bit like your sketch:
SnS_Simulation_Summary.pdf (912.7 KB)

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So SNS is very cool, but at the moment I do not quite have the money to invest in it (perhaps in the future, hopefully.) That being said, I have been looking into investing some time in Fusion 360, how do those simulation capabilities stack up to SNS? Can I achieve sort of the same thing?