Modelling cloth/fabric folds with SubD

Hi, I’m trying to model a piece of cloth that’s twisted by a torus. I found a tutorial on youtube that is doing something similar with a sphere instead of a torus. However, as I am trying to follow the video, I got confused with the part where the author seems to select a subd vertex and use soft transform command, the subD plane that is touching the sphere starts to twist, as the sphere is rotated with gumball. I tried many ways but am not able to locate the subD vertex this video shows here, and really need some help with it.

Here’s the link to the youtube tutorial Im talking about:


You’d have a better and more natural look and feel with cloth if you used dynamics. Trying to model something where it could just be given the physics and then let the simulation take care of the rest is by far an more natural way to work.

Check out Blender for this kind of work…there’s both simulation Blender Cloth Simulation

and cloth brushes Blender Cloth Brush

You can then import the data that was made in Blender into Rhino as a mesh.

You can also use free Rhino/Grasshopper plugin called FlexHopper: FlexHopper - Addon for Grasshopper | Grasshopper Docs