Modelling 3D faceted shapes in Rhino

What would be the best way to model structures with facets at different angles in rhino?
What approach would be the easiest



step 01:
draw the grid in 2D

step 02:
curveboolean (combineregions=no, allregions)
planarsrf (will make planar surfaces out of your curves)

step 03:
(select points and pull them up)

Let me know if you have any problems

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What exactly is curveboolean to be applied to?

P.S for anyone freaking out after enabling _selectionfilter 's
Make sure to disable it or it wont let you select anything and reconnecting your keyboard and mouse 4 times wont fix it :slight_smile:

geo1.3dm (33.9 KB)

curveboolean will make curves out of all regions of your 2D base geometry. you can then make them to planar surfaces.

yes of course… that’s what selection filters are doing.

you skipped the step with the curveboolean. you need single surfaces.

geo_reviewed.3dm (229.2 KB)

Started with a rectangle and did lines. do you select all and curveboolean?

geo_reviewed2.3dm (131.0 KB)
Cant seem to select the points except the corner 4 of the main rectangle

seemed to get the outer points selectable but not the inner

There are no points there - that’s the middle of an edge.

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yes as @wim already said there are no points.

also please be aware that the geometry you were providing earlier contains rectangles and triangles. rectangles will cause a double curvature what you probably dont want according to your initial reference.

would be nice to know how much experience you have in rhino modelling so I know in what detail I have to describe it to you.


geo_reviewed V2.3dm (507.0 KB)