Modeling this sphere

Hi Guys,

I am trying to model this sphere with the curvy edges and thick like this. Any thoughts on how to achieve this? Here are some details.

Sphere is 3.75 Inches (radius of 1 7/8"0
Needs to have a thickness of 5mm or so.
need to apply a metal on top and glass below (I will use keyshot for this)

can you tell I am a super noob? thanks so much

richarde. Hate to ask, but I got as far as the split but when I get to the offset I am stuck sorry to be a pain but thanks for all the help Richard. Should be simple, but I am just starting to use rhino. So I am not sure if I should select one part or both split parts or what. Sorry and thanks again.

ok perfect, I got the thickening down, now just trying to figure out the fillet edge. That one I will have to research bit not as simple to do, at least for a noob. :grinning:

hi Richard. I was able to get it all worked out. Thanks again. It really helps to have the help. I will show you the keyshot render when I bring it in to keyshot.

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thanks again Richard!!!

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final render vs photo