Modeling problem with sweep two rails command

Hi everybody,
It’s the first time I try to use that forum. Albeit I have been using Rhino for years now, I have had a problem with the sweep two rails command.
Does anyone could tell me why on my modeling, the command create a kind of conic form ?
(You can see it on the front view, there is a small offset between the lines, they sould be aligned…)
Thank you for your help

I’m not sure if that solves your problem, but have you tried with the Maintain Height option active?

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Hello - if you have not sorted this out, please post a file with the input curves. I’ll take a look.


It worked very well. I didn’t really pay attention to that option.
Thank you Pol

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Hello, I just tried what Pol told me about keeping the maintain height option active. It works well now.
Thank you Pascal