Modeling of Cable Net

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently creating a Karamba model for the study of Cable Nets. This Cable Net is Façade Structure System of a Tall Buildings. (Cable Net + Glass Panel) (like This Case : )

I want to Analyze with Th. II Component and optimize this structure with “Opossum” component. In this step I get Error whit its dead load (it has Buckling), while I should set bending zero. Although I have been trying to understand what I’ve been doing wrong for quite some time, I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Consequently, if anyone could take a look at my script it would be greatly appreciate it.
Thanks , MoStafa (168.5 KB)

Hello MoStafa,
you used the ‘EigenModes’-component to check the structures stability. However this component does not consider the geometric stiffness. Rather use the ‘Natural Vibrations’- or ‘BucklingModes’-components when the effect of normal forces shall be included (see attached definition: (171.6 KB)
The iteration of normal forces in the ‘Analyze Th.II’-component leads compressive forces in the cables. That is why they buckle.

Thank You Very much @cp1 .
This worked and my Problem Solved