Modeling carafe with hole in middle?

Apologies for the vague question, but this is an “I don’t even know where to start” problem.

Anyone have general advice for how to model something like this?

I’m not that concerned with the overall form, but I am mystified on how to model the hole such that the cross sections are smooth and round (as opposed to just punching a cylinder through the form).

Would love any guidance on concepts to look at!

I have no idea how to model it, let alone make it other than by hand-blowing. But here’s another one:

make a huge blensrf and not much else.


What I would try is start with a torus (donut) and use the cage edit command or simply activate the control points. Drag’n’scult however you like it, then trim with a planar surface to get the top part.

that method makes it difficult to control the circular cross section. Next try could be a trimmed torus and some curves

Trial2: (in case you wanna keep the circular form.
A Torus split by two lines coming out of the centroid and a pipe for the bottle’s throat.
Then using fillet.

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You’re a savage, Diego! :smiley:

I wonder why this was posted in the Grasshopper category though?

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Wow. That’s amazing.

I am looking to do this in Grasshopper but I think that gives me what I need to get going. Thanks!

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You’ll need Rhino 7 for this one…

… a mesh from 6 lines and a point (with the Fatten component) that gets turned into a SubD. You’ll need to scale and rotate the top edge manually…
Carafe from (21.1 KB)